Through grants to eligible organizations, The Joseph LeRoy and Ann C. Warner Fund Inc. (the "Warner Fund") seeks to provide support for programs designed improve the lives of children in foster care and children with disabilities. The Warner Fund gives preference to innovative projects with measurable results and the likelihood of replication.

The Warner Fund primarily makes grants in amounts between $2,500 and $75,000, and may be project or general support grants. The Warner Fund is interested in new projects or organizations that address issues, within the general purposes of the Warner Fund, for which government sources of support may be unavailable. Funding will only be considered after a comprehensive sustainability plan with a timeline of events has been developed and submitted for review. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. 



Prior to submitting a request for a grant, it is advisable to submit to the Warner Fund a letter of inquiry outlining the purpose for which the funds are sought. The letter of inquiry should be limited to no more than four pages. It should include:

  • BACKGROUND: A summary of the background and purposes of the organization requesting the funds.
  • INITIATIVE: A description of the project for which the funds are being requested along with a preliminary budget for the project and the source of other funds, if any, which will support the project.
  • CHALLENGES & SOLUTIONS: A statement of the issues the project addresses and how the project will meet these issues.
  • BUDGET: The estimated yearly overall budget for the project.
  • TIMEFRAME: The project's anticipated results and time frame.
  • QUALIFICATIONS: Credentials of those who will be engaged in the project.
  • BENCHMARKS: Methods for evaluating the results.
  • FINANCIALS: Although we do not require financial information in the first step of the application process, we ask that you gather your organization’s last two tax returns (990 Form) so that they can be submitted with your completed application, should your initial letter of inquiry be accepted.


The Warner Fund will evaluate your Letter of Inquiry. If your Letter meets our criteria, we will contact your organization and request a formal proposal. Guidance for the formal proposal process will be sent upon acceptance of your Letter of Inquiry. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

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